Our promise to you


We endeavour at all times, to be caring, efficient and approachable practice. We will provide the best care and attention possible for you and your pet. If our service falls below your expectations and in the unfortunate event you have encountered any problems with our services, please let us know. Tell the person in charge of your animal’s care – they may be able to resolve your concerns there and then.

Alternatively you could contact our Practice Manager Anna Bourne.


Please note the following when making a complaint:

If you have a complaint please get in touch immediately as it may be impossible to investigate the complaint properly if left too long after the event.


Please provide us with as much information as you can e.g.

  • Registered owners name
  • Patients name
  • Species
  • Contact details
  • Complaint details ( to include full details of complaint, where and when, which staff were involved and what you are hoping for as an outcome).

We will send an acknowledgment within 5 working days and endeavour to reach a resolution as quickly as possible.